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Looking for a small loan or a home loan?

Looking for a small loan or a home loan?

In Germany, it does not matter whether a consumer is looking for a small loan or a home loan, with a bank there is no way around a Credit bureau query over. And if there is a negative Credit bureau it is almost impossible to get even a small loan. Here, negative Credit bureau is an elastic term.

The credit test provides general tips on credit despite negative Credit bureau and is presented with Centiloan, Trucredit, Mono credit and Maxcredit companies, which treat a negative Credit bureau less restrictive than most banks. In addition, all companies are trusted in the credit test and have many years of experience in the credit market.

  • Credit bureaufreie small loans are not available in Germany.
  • Although credit marketplaces provide Credit bureau requests, they are much less restrictive in interpretation than credit institutions.
  • Serious brokers for a small loan despite negative Credit bureau can be found on credit comparison porta

Be small loan. The portals provide loans from private to private. Although a Credit bureau query is carried out before the loan application is published, it is not handled as restrictively as it is at a bank if creditworthiness is low. Anyone who has not made a sworn statement or who is not seized is still likely to have a loan. On a market place supply and demand regulate the price.

The borrower interest rate

The borrower interest rate

The borrower himself sets the interest rate and should know that a weak credit rating requires a higher interest rate. There are always investors who are willing to take a greater risk with a corresponding return.

  • For portals such as Centiloan or Trucredit, there is a Credit bureau query, but this is not treated as restrictively with weak creditworthiness, as would be the case with a bank.
  • If the potential borrower can present himself and his project well, he will have a chance of obtaining a loan even on a weak credit rating.

If the loan is made, there is no entry into the Credit bureau It is up to the borrower to present his project to be financed and to present himself in such a transparent and convincing manner as to find sponsors.

The security of the deposit is guaranteed by a fiduciary settlement of the repayment and repayment of the loan. Credit marketplaces have been established abroad for many years, and they are extremely popular in the Anglo-Saxon countries. For some years, they have also found more and more popularity in Germany. For borrowers, they are just as much a real alternative as they are for investors.

This does not only apply to borrowers with poor credit ratings when searching for loans, but rather because of the often more interesting terms. Investors will find better returns here than in the deposit business.

Switzerland knows no Credit bureau, eliminates both the query and the entry. However, this does not mean that these funds are awarded without any support. Applicants must be of age and resident in Germany. The salary assignment serves as security for employees. If this is not enough, further collateral must be provided. Even with self-employed, who have massive difficulties in Germany to get a installment loan, offers the Swiss loan as a solution.

The self-employed have only to provide collateral and demonstrate a regular income, so that a Credit bureau-free microcredit is granted. The procedure is much easier than with a Germibank

Although Centiloan or Trucredit do not abandon the Credit bureau query, they do not treat negative entries as restrictively as the banking industry. Anyone who wants to avoid viewing his Credit bureau file in any case can not avoid a Swiss loan. These loans are processed with the necessary discretion and sensitivity.

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