What is creditworthiness?

Creditworthiness is nothing but your financial potential. The bigger it is, the more credit options you have, i.e. the greater your creditworthiness.

It is obvious that it is calculated by the bank where you want to take out a loan – after all, it is in his interest that you be a credible borrower and whether you will be able to repay the debts. Creditworthiness depends on many factors and in this article you will learn what values ​​are taken into account for the so-called credit analysis.

The most important creditworthiness criteria

The most important creditworthiness criteria


The first and most important thing when assessing creditworthiness is income – its amount and stability. They are verified at the conclusion of each form of financial liability and what is important is their average amount over the last few months. The bank also checks the income base, i.e. the form of the contract. Therefore, whether the employment is based on a mandate contract, an employment contract or a specific work contract will have a big impact on the bank’s assessment. It is also important whether it is concluded for a definite period or not.

Financial liabilities

Important factors that determine your creditworthiness also include whether you have any current financial liabilities or liabilities. The more and more of them – the lower your creditworthiness. On the other hand, if you have a credit card and your credit history is rich and reliable, so much the better for you. It doesn’t matter if you paid off with a vacuum cleaner or a high mortgage – all your repaid obligations are your ally.

Other factors

There are also factors that affect your creditworthiness in a less official way. These include:

  • Borrower’s age (too small and too big will never be an asset – in many respects this means a risk to the bank)
  • Marital status
  • The purpose for which the money is to be allocated (investment in real estate will be more credible, e.g. in setting up your own business)
  • Place of employment (the better the position of the company, the better – large enterprises with a strong market position and of course state jobs enjoy a special estimate in this respect)

How to increase your credit standing?

How to increase your credit standing?

Each bank has its own way of testing creditworthiness and the fact that we will not get credit in one does not mean that the other will also refuse us. What does this mean in practice? Here are some ways to help you increase your credit potential
First of all, you need to take care of your current financial burden.

Do you have an outstanding loan? Do everything to pay it back before you ask the bank for another one. Do you have overdraft? Adjust it, and certainly your chances will increase.

Each bank has its own conversion rate and sometimes it may turn out that even PLN 100 of the repaid installment may reduce the potential amount of the mortgage by several thousand. Do you have any other obligations? Take care of them as soon as possible!

Modify the terms of the loan you want to take

Modify the terms of the loan you want to take

If you care about credit very much, think about whether it must be so high or whether it can be reduced – sometimes even several thousand can influence the bank’s decision! The conversion of installments from decreasing to equal is quite a popular way. Remember that the currency is Polish zloty – you will miss the risk of exchange rate fluctuations, on which so many people lost all their savings. You can also try to extend the loan period. Yes, the total cost will increase and the interest fee will increase, but when time plays a huge role, and the potential profits from borrowed money will reward you with increasing interest – why not?

Take care of your credit history! People with no credit history are risky borrowers – they have no experience in repayment of liabilities and the bank may refuse to grant them a loan. Although the lack of credit history also means no current arrears , it is better that our account has successively repaid loans.

How best to take care of your credit history? Set up a credit card (preferably in the bank with which you want to cooperate in the matter of mortgage) and use it rationally – pay off all the obligations you incur on it, and in the eyes of the bank you will become much more credible.


Small credit despite negative credit 2019 »All loans in the test!


Looking for a small loan or a home loan?

Looking for a small loan or a home loan?

In Germany, it does not matter whether a consumer is looking for a small loan or a home loan, with a bank there is no way around a Credit bureau query over. And if there is a negative Credit bureau it is almost impossible to get even a small loan. Here, negative Credit bureau is an elastic term.

The credit test provides general tips on credit despite negative Credit bureau and is presented with Centiloan, Trucredit, Mono credit and Maxcredit companies, which treat a negative Credit bureau less restrictive than most banks. In addition, all companies are trusted in the credit test and have many years of experience in the credit market.

  • Credit bureaufreie small loans are not available in Germany.
  • Although credit marketplaces provide Credit bureau requests, they are much less restrictive in interpretation than credit institutions.
  • Serious brokers for a small loan despite negative Credit bureau can be found on credit comparison porta

Be small loan. The portals provide loans from private to private. Although a Credit bureau query is carried out before the loan application is published, it is not handled as restrictively as it is at a bank if creditworthiness is low. Anyone who has not made a sworn statement or who is not seized is still likely to have a loan. On a market place supply and demand regulate the price.

The borrower interest rate

The borrower interest rate

The borrower himself sets the interest rate and should know that a weak credit rating requires a higher interest rate. There are always investors who are willing to take a greater risk with a corresponding return.

  • For portals such as Centiloan or Trucredit, there is a Credit bureau query, but this is not treated as restrictively with weak creditworthiness, as would be the case with a bank.
  • If the potential borrower can present himself and his project well, he will have a chance of obtaining a loan even on a weak credit rating.

If the loan is made, there is no entry into the Credit bureau It is up to the borrower to present his project to be financed and to present himself in such a transparent and convincing manner as to find sponsors.

The security of the deposit is guaranteed by a fiduciary settlement of the repayment and repayment of the loan. Credit marketplaces have been established abroad for many years, and they are extremely popular in the Anglo-Saxon countries. For some years, they have also found more and more popularity in Germany. For borrowers, they are just as much a real alternative as they are for investors.

This does not only apply to borrowers with poor credit ratings when searching for loans, but rather because of the often more interesting terms. Investors will find better returns here than in the deposit business.

Switzerland knows no Credit bureau, eliminates both the query and the entry. However, this does not mean that these funds are awarded without any support. Applicants must be of age and resident in Germany. The salary assignment serves as security for employees. If this is not enough, further collateral must be provided. Even with self-employed, who have massive difficulties in Germany to get a installment loan, offers the Swiss loan as a solution.

The self-employed have only to provide collateral and demonstrate a regular income, so that a Credit bureau-free microcredit is granted. The procedure is much easier than with a Germibank

Although Centiloan or Trucredit do not abandon the Credit bureau query, they do not treat negative entries as restrictively as the banking industry. Anyone who wants to avoid viewing his Credit bureau file in any case can not avoid a Swiss loan. These loans are processed with the necessary discretion and sensitivity.



Buying a Car on a Payday Loan – Discover the Opportunity!

If you don’t have a car yet, you must have been in a situation where you felt it was time to start buying a car. And if you already have a car of your own, you must have at least once wondered how much better it would be to drive a larger or lower fuel consumption vehicle.

If you have delayed your car purchase so far because you do not have enough self-financing, you do not have to give up the dream car. You can also use your free-to-use Payday Loans to buy a car.

You can save hundreds of thousands by finding the right partner to finance your car with credit! With Good Finance Car Loan Calculator you can compare the best deals available to you today for free, only a few clicks.

Free-to-Use Payday Loan: Can also be used to purchase a car

Free-to-Use Personal Loan: Can also be used to purchase a car

With car loans, it is important to know that some of the loan deals available today are actually free Payday Loans that you can use to buy a car. Previously known as a car loan or car loan, it was more difficult to claim products because of the need for self-sufficiency and collateral. In contrast, most Payday Loans can be taken out on their own and without collateral, and the loan amount can be spent for any purpose , without the need for proof from the bank.

Benefits of a Free-to-Use Payday Loan

  • you can withdraw up to $ 10 million from some banks,

  • no need for real estate or motor vehicle coverage,

  • you don’t need to make your own money, so you can finance your car purchase with up to 100% loan,

  • whereas the loan is freely usable and you can even pay the cost of placing it on the market,

  • most Payday Loans are fixed rate and forint based loans, so you don’t have to worry about exchange rate and interest rate risk,

  • it doesn’t matter if you buy a new or used car,

  • application process is simple, you can get the loan within 1-2 days,

  • if you like online solutions, at some banks, the entire application process, even signing a contract, can be done digitally – with identification by video identification.

Payday Loan offers for car purchase


We looked at the best deals on the Payday Loan market. Let’s say you want to raise $ 3 million for a 60-month term.

The Goodbank Fair Plus Payday Loan is available at a APR of 7.72 percent, with a monthly installment discount of $ 59,456 , and a total repayment of $ 3,619,948. A Goodbank loan has a fixed interest rate so you can expect the same repayment until the end of the term.

The E-Money Bank Online Premium Loan also offers a fixed installment until the end of the term, which is HUF 60,349 per month. The APR is 7.90 percent and the total repayment amount is HUF 3,620,940.


Home Savings or Home Loans? Both!

No question: Anyone who wants to create a home at current home prices should take every opportunity. Some people get more credit for the real estate they want, while others save well in advance by paying for their new home. There are also those who take advantage of government subsidies and use credit and home savings to buy at the same time, saving a lot on credit.

If you are looking for the best form of home savings, today you can obviously consider saving for a home, while if you need a loan, most will take out a home loan. Which solution is better? How do you combine the products? This is what we are doing now so that you can start planning your own family nest with the right financial plan.

Loan apartment? Cheaper and safer

Loan apartment? Cheaper and safer

Mortgages probably won’t need to be presented to anyone anymore, because one way or another, we’ve encountered them throughout our lives.

Whether our parents borrowed this type of loan or we are here in our lives, we have probably run into the issue of borrowing. Here’s a summary of what you should definitely know about home loans.

What, how much, for how long?


A home loan, also known as a mortgage, is a special purpose loan, meaning the bank determines what it can be used for. This goal is typically the purchase of a home, ie we can only buy a home from the loan. As a property is not cheap, the amount of a home loan can be up to tens of millions of forints, and the term may extend up to 20 years.

With the best home loans you can save hundreds of thousands of HUF! Use the Good Finance home loan calculator to find the ideal loan for your home purposes!

What is cover?


Since it is a large amount of credit, the bank needs some kind of guarantee in case you see your money back in case we fail to pay. Therefore, on the one hand, the loan application

  • we need a regular, regular income from which we can pay the installment

  • and you also need a real estate collateral, that is, we need to offer a property to the financial institution that you can turn into cash for non-payment.

The value of the property offered as real estate collateral is assessed by a valuer. The bank only provides up to 80 percent of the value of the dwelling, the rest being own funds. That is, if you buy a real estate for $ 20 million, if you offer it as collateral, you also have to put $ 4 million on the table. But from what source if we don’t have enough money?


Land loan: what do you need to know?

In recent years, the land loan is increasingly becoming widespread, but is often mistaken for the mortgage loan. We try to understand what it consists of, what the advantages are and what types can be subscribed.

Land loan: what are the special features?


For young people, for families for singles, buying a property for residential purposes is an important and demanding choice that requires careful analysis. As for the mortgage loan, also for the land loan, it is necessary to take due account of one’s income and financial capacity and of one’s own needs.

The Mortgage Fund is a medium-long term loan, which lasts from 1 to a maximum of 30 years and provides for the stipulation of a first degree mortgage on the building to guarantee the credit to be disbursed. Usually a maximum limit of 80% of the value of the property is granted, but in some cases, it can reach up to 100%. In the latter case, it is necessary to provide the bank with a further guarantee (for example bank guarantees, insurance policies).

Another feature of the mortgage loan concerns the fact that it can only be stipulated if the first residential home is to be purchased.

Land loan: what are the advantages?

mortgage loan

Compared to the mortgage loan, it should be noted that the mortgage loan involves the application of very advantageous interest rates payable . Notary fees are considerably reduced and the long duration of the loan repayment plan allows you to enjoy a favorable tax regime. If you decide to pay off the loan early, the mortgage guarantee is automatically canceled.

Land loan: types

mortgage loan

There are different types of mortgages to choose according to your needs; first and foremost, you need to choose between a fixed rate mortgage and a variable rate mortgage. The fixed-rate mortgage loan provides for an installment of the same amount to be paid for the entire duration of the contract. The variable rate mortgage loan requires interest rates to change based on market trends and consequently the amount of the installment changes over time.

For useful information, contact a Consultant and find out the mortgage loan reserved for you.


Planning my mortgage loan

Taking a mortgage loan is not “coconut straw.” It is to enter into an agreement that involves a long period of time, and if it is not planned properly, it can become a mess. That is why in Nexxi I want to propose some guidelines for you to plan.


Understanding the mortgage loan

mortgage loan

The mortgage loan is one of the main products offered by banks. In fact, according to the Credit Statistics of the Superintendency of Banks , in terms of amount it represents 21% of money lent as of December 2017. And the rationale for this debt instrument is housing. That is, when you want to buy your “ranch”.

It has three main characteristics:

  • Long term (15 to 30 years)
  • Use the same home as a guarantee
  • The rate tends to be stable over time.

In other words, it is not something now for now; implies that you are going to compromise “your future”; the bank assumes the same housing as a risk collection and you should not have outbursts in the monthly installment; since there are no sudden changes frequently.


How to plan my mortgage loan?

mortgage loan

Starting from the fact that to assume a mortgage loan is to enter the “big leagues” of personal loans, I want to offer you some guidelines so that you plan this step and it is not uphill for you to take it.


Take your time

Take your time

No hurry, take your time. One of the principles by which I manage to make an important purchase decision is the following: “Offers are repeated, money is not”.

This is one of the few almost absolute truths in the market. There will always be a good offer; That apartment you saw that you liked is not the only one there; Believe me there are many other offers that you can access. Therefore, do not despair. For money matters it is better to make coldly calculated decisions, to ardently out of control.


Evaluate your financial capabilities

money Online

Take pencil and paper or an electronic spreadsheet and, after having what it would imply in terms of loan amount, installment, rate, and time; Analyze how this is reflected in your monthly cash flow.

That is, stage a budget with and without the fee, so you can see how much it varies. If the variation is very pronounced and does not leave you a margin, it is probably not the right time to acquire a home. So you must be very critical of the result. Remember that mortgages an important part of your future.


Each weight counts


Finally, each weight counts. Save as much as you can, and don’t waste your money on things that don’t contribute to you. Focus on what adds value to your finances.

Keep in mind that you will have a commitment of several years; therefore, you must have an emergency fund in a savings account or a financial certificate that covers several months (3-6 months). Therefore, focus on coining each weight.


Which loan is worth choosing?

There are few situations in life where you need to make such a well-considered, thoughtful decision as you would with a borrower, as it can be decisive for your finances for many years to come . That is why we help you to collect the most important questions that you need to ask yourself before you commit to a loan.

What is your purpose with the loan?

What is your purpose with the loan?

The first step in choosing a loan is to think carefully about what the loan needs . You can usually take out a loan for specific purposes only on more favorable terms than a free use loan. A typical loan goal might be a home or a new car, but if you want to decide what you want to spend on your loan for, you might want to consider free loans.

It is better to take out a loan for a specific purpose, as banks see less risk in targeted lending than if they cannot control what the money is going for. For example, in the case of a mortgage loan, we can apply for a home loan at more favorable interest rates than if we wanted a free-use loan. Lower risk, lower interest . The situation with an unsecured car purchase loan is the same: you can expect a lower APR than a free-for-sale personal loan.

Are you willing to raise funds?


If you have collateral for your loan, you may want to choose these loans, because collateral can get you money on better terms than a personal loan. The reason for this is that banks consider such a loan less risky, as in the worst case they make money on the pledged real estate or movable property.

You can take out a mortgage with a minimum value of 4-6 million HUF. Some banks already accept a car with a maximum of 12 years as cover for car loans.

How much does your credit cost?


After all, in a difficult situation, however much we pay for the administration. Therefore, it is by no means a negligible aspect what the upfront costs are. The upfront costs of mortgages are extremely high compared to other loans, as there is a separate charge for, for example, valuation or credit brokerage.

The full APR includes many of these costs, so it is advisable to list the banks’ quotes according to the APR in the loan calculator. However, the THM does not include, among other things, the notary’s salary, which by default is at least HUF 70 thousand. And for personal loans, we are waiting for the disbursement fee, the credit appraisal fee, the management fee, and there are some where the bank requires you to have a loan collateral to borrow.

How do you plan ahead?

How do you plan ahead?

When choosing a loan, you also need to decide what kind of long-term loan you choose. If you are more cautious, it is worth thinking about the longer term , so that the family cashier can safely miss the installment payment for the month.

If it turns out, you will have the option of early repayment or early repayment, because paying these fees is still better than a higher-interest, shorter-term loan. Prepayment is when the borrower pays a minimum of at least 3 monthly installments. If someone pays the entire outstanding debt, it is a final repayment.


Good Finance Calculation for Baby Loans

Little is known about the credit assessment so far: what is available is the baby loan regulation. This states that banks determine creditworthiness in accordance with their own internal regulations.

Under the regulation, loan applicants must also comply with the Good Finance regulations , which will become stricter when the baby loan is launched, on July 1st.

Find out about the terms of your baby loan and check if you qualify for the $ 10 million interest-free loan!

What exactly does Good Finance mean?

What exactly does Good Finance mean?

Good Finance stands for Income- Based Repayment Indicator . It is a part of the debt control system developed by the National Bank of Hungary (MNB), the main objective of which is to prevent over-indebtedness of the population. The Good Finance must be examined for any loan over $ 200,000, so it should be taken into account in the credit assessment of a baby loan.

The Good Finance-related change was already known in the October last year amendment, while the details of the baby loan were published in the March 12, 2019 Hungarian Bulletin.

Good Finance calculation for baby loan

Good Finance calculation for baby loan

So it is certain that the income-to-repayment rate will apply to couples in need of a baby loan, but how this will be applied by banks is still unclear, as it is a 5-year floating rate loan without interest subsidy.

Banks will take into account the couple’s existing loans, even though they are only named, when applying for a loan , as they can only apply jointly for a baby loan . Banks should take into account existing:

  • personal loan,

  • car loan

  • mortgage loan

  • CSOK credit,

  • POS,

  • credit card contract,

  • overdraft facility,

as well as any related financial burden. Of course, only certified legal income can be included in net income.

The couple’s net income counts

The couple

According to the decree, the claim can only be filed by married couples, which means that when applying, the bank will examine the income conditions of both parties. The Good Finance calculation must take into account both the verified primary and secondary income of the couple.