Buying a Car on a Payday Loan – Discover the Opportunity!

If you don’t have a car yet, you must have been in a situation where you felt it was time to start buying a car. And if you already have a car of your own, you must have at least once wondered how much better it would be to drive a larger or lower fuel consumption vehicle.

If you have delayed your car purchase so far because you do not have enough self-financing, you do not have to give up the dream car. You can also use your free-to-use Payday Loans to buy a car.

You can save hundreds of thousands by finding the right partner to finance your car with credit! With Good Finance Car Loan Calculator you can compare the best deals available to you today for free, only a few clicks.

Free-to-Use Payday Loan: Can also be used to purchase a car

Free-to-Use Personal Loan: Can also be used to purchase a car

With car loans, it is important to know that some of the loan deals available today are actually free Payday Loans that you can use to buy a car. Previously known as a car loan or car loan, it was more difficult to claim products because of the need for self-sufficiency and collateral. In contrast, most Payday Loans can be taken out on their own and without collateral, and the loan amount can be spent for any purpose , without the need for proof from the bank.

Benefits of a Free-to-Use Payday Loan

  • you can withdraw up to $ 10 million from some banks,

  • no need for real estate or motor vehicle coverage,

  • you don’t need to make your own money, so you can finance your car purchase with up to 100% loan,

  • whereas the loan is freely usable and you can even pay the cost of placing it on the market,

  • most Payday Loans are fixed rate and forint based loans, so you don’t have to worry about exchange rate and interest rate risk,

  • it doesn’t matter if you buy a new or used car,

  • application process is simple, you can get the loan within 1-2 days,

  • if you like online solutions, at some banks, the entire application process, even signing a contract, can be done digitally – with identification by video identification.

Payday Loan offers for car purchase


We looked at the best deals on the Payday Loan market. Let’s say you want to raise $ 3 million for a 60-month term.

The Goodbank Fair Plus Payday Loan is available at a APR of 7.72 percent, with a monthly installment discount of $ 59,456 , and a total repayment of $ 3,619,948. A Goodbank loan has a fixed interest rate so you can expect the same repayment until the end of the term.

The E-Money Bank Online Premium Loan also offers a fixed installment until the end of the term, which is HUF 60,349 per month. The APR is 7.90 percent and the total repayment amount is HUF 3,620,940.


Home Savings or Home Loans? Both!

No question: Anyone who wants to create a home at current home prices should take every opportunity. Some people get more credit for the real estate they want, while others save well in advance by paying for their new home. There are also those who take advantage of government subsidies and use credit and home savings to buy at the same time, saving a lot on credit.

If you are looking for the best form of home savings, today you can obviously consider saving for a home, while if you need a loan, most will take out a home loan. Which solution is better? How do you combine the products? This is what we are doing now so that you can start planning your own family nest with the right financial plan.

Loan apartment? Cheaper and safer

Loan apartment? Cheaper and safer

Mortgages probably won’t need to be presented to anyone anymore, because one way or another, we’ve encountered them throughout our lives.

Whether our parents borrowed this type of loan or we are here in our lives, we have probably run into the issue of borrowing. Here’s a summary of what you should definitely know about home loans.

What, how much, for how long?


A home loan, also known as a mortgage, is a special purpose loan, meaning the bank determines what it can be used for. This goal is typically the purchase of a home, ie we can only buy a home from the loan. As a property is not cheap, the amount of a home loan can be up to tens of millions of forints, and the term may extend up to 20 years.

With the best home loans you can save hundreds of thousands of HUF! Use the Good Finance home loan calculator to find the ideal loan for your home purposes!

What is cover?


Since it is a large amount of credit, the bank needs some kind of guarantee in case you see your money back in case we fail to pay. Therefore, on the one hand, the loan application

  • we need a regular, regular income from which we can pay the installment

  • and you also need a real estate collateral, that is, we need to offer a property to the financial institution that you can turn into cash for non-payment.

The value of the property offered as real estate collateral is assessed by a valuer. The bank only provides up to 80 percent of the value of the dwelling, the rest being own funds. That is, if you buy a real estate for $ 20 million, if you offer it as collateral, you also have to put $ 4 million on the table. But from what source if we don’t have enough money?